House of Lashes Siren Double

House of Lashes Siren Double

House of Lashes Siren Double

  • House of Lashes Siren Double
  • House of Lashes Siren Double
  • House of Lashes Siren Double


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House of Lashes Siren Double ensures double the drama compared to the fan favourite lash, Siren. Everything you loved about the original is now amped up for twice the seduction.

Worldwide known House of Lashes provides innovative, high quality, trendy false lashes that compliment all eye shapes. The false lashes are handcrafted made from highest quality synthetic fibers, and each false lash can be used up to 15 times. The lash band is made from flexible, thin cotton blend.

  • False lashes
  • Synthetic fiber
  • Vegan-friendly

How to use: Take the lashes out from their case carefully. Measure false lash strip to your natural lash line to check length. If the lashes are too long, you may carefully cut them with scissors from the outer corner. Coat false lash band with thin layer of lash adhesive and wait about 30 seconds to get tacky. For best results, use House of Lashes lash adhesive. Place the lashes as close to your natural lash line as possible. Apply to the center of the eyelid first, and then apply the inner and outer corners. You can use tweezers or an applicator to help place the lashes.

How to remove lashes:
Hold the lash and carefully peel it off starting from the outer corner. Do not tug. The false lashes should come off without much effort or discomfort when the lash is applied properly. You can also use a non-oil-based eye makeup remover if you want to.

How to take care of the lashes and reuse them:
We recommend removing the dried-up glue from the lashes after each use. Store lashes in their original tray to maintain the shape and keep them clean. If you’re using mascara, we recommend applying it to our natural lashes first before applying the false lashes. This will prevent build up and lengthen the longevity of your false lash. The lashes can be reused up to 15 times.

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