Dashing Diva Glaze Semi Cured Solid Color Gel Nail Strips Creamy Lilac

Dashing Diva Glaze Semi Cured Solid Color Gel Nail Strips Creamy Lilac

Dashing Diva Glaze Semi Cured Solid Color Gel Nail Strips Creamy Lilac


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Get the pro-finish and sculpted effect of a salon gel manicure at home with ease. GLAZE innovation is a semi-cured gel strip that cures under LED lamp, delivering salon results: molded shape, mega volume, mirror shine that's gel strong for up to 14 days.

  • Easy application: Fool-proof, fast curing formula
  • Molded shape: Curved volume is molded to nail shape, it's thicker in the center and thinner at the cuticle for superior fit our proprietary DOME EFFECT™
  • Mega volume: Plump volume that masks imperfections for an even pro-finish.
  • Mirror shine: Rich vibrant color with light reflecting particles delivers brilliant shine.
  • Gel strong up to 14 days: Lasting shine, durable wear that's chip-proof and scratch-proof.

Includes: 34 semi-cured gel nail strips, Nail file, Manicure stick. LED lamp is sold separately.

    How to use:

    STEP 1: PREP
    Wash hands with soap and water. Shape nails and push back cuticles. Ensure nails are clear from oils and residue. Make sure your nails are completely dry before application.

    Hold the sheet over nail to find your size. If you are in between sizes, always size down.

    Gently lift strip from sheet starting from edge. Place strip over the center of your nail, starting at cuticle line and pressing outward. For optimal adhesion, the strip should be placed above the cuticle line avoiding skin or cuticles.

    Remove the protective film.

    Press down firmly from center and side to side.

    STEP 6: TRIM
    Trim strip flush to your nails using nail scissors or nail clippers.

    STEP 7: CURE
    Cure under LED light for 45 seconds.

    STEP 8: FILE
    Position the nail file horizontally along the contour of your nail. With one sweeping motion, file firmly across your free edge. Make sure GLAZE does not exceed beyond your nail length. Any overhang will cause chipping or cracking.

    Pro Tip: Using the wooden manicure stick gently press down on glaze strip thoroughly to seal all edges before curing. This will prevent hair and debris from catching onto the nail strip perimeter.


    Apply cuticle oil on nail bed. Use manicure stick to gently and slowly lift nail strip from corner of the cuticle area. Gradually push the strip off your nail. CAUTION: Do not peel off with force or in one quick motion.

    Tips: Make sure to completely wash and dry your hands before application. Avoid water for at least 1 hour after application. Don’t use any lotions or oils at least 2-3 hours before or after application. For longer-lasting results, you can use your favorite top coat.

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